Coulter Destroys Sanctuary City Mayors

The sagacious and rhetorical Abraham Lincoln once said, “If destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen we must live through all time or die by suicide.”

No foreign armies will ever topple us, it will be the lawlessness, corruption and soft tyranny of the Left that does that.

The developing conflict between President Trump and Democrats (even a few Republicans) over sanctuary cities is a perfect example of the lawlessness of the Left.

On April 1, conservative commentator Ann Coulter appeared on Fox to drive this exact point home.


The Blaze reports that Coulter viewed the intransigence of city mayors to do away with sanctuary cities as a clear violation of the Constitution.  While that may not surprise many, there is also the fact that these mayors are also dismissing a sanctified item in the liberal arsenal; the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution.

This essentially states that federal law trumps state laws that are inconsistent with it. Add to this the fact that there are certain inherent responsibilities that ONLY the federal government has say over (e.g. like immigration), and the legitimacy of the President’s request becomes unarguable.

That has not stopped the Left.

The Hill quotes Newark Mayor Ras Baraka as saying that Trump’s threat to hold back federal dollars is “a very unconstitutional, un-American policy”.

Coulter reminds everyone that Trump has the right to do that and more because “immigration is a federal responsibility.”