Comey’s Social Media Accounts Outed and You Won’t Believe Who Did It!

In the world of social media fame measured by followers, likes, and re-tweets, Reinhold Niebuhr @projectexile7 is a relative unknown amongst the constellation of celebrities. The poor thing only had nine followers. That was until his true identity was unmasked.

Who is Reinhold Niebuhr? The ‘Unusual Suspects’ like question, if Googled, comes up with the identity of a little known American religious thinker from days gone by.

However, some social media adept sleuths have said it is the handle for Director of the Federal Bureau of Incompetence (FBI) James Comey. Ironically, what motivated these internet detectives to search him out was Comey’s comments at, of all places, at speech before the Intelligence and National Security Alliance.


Comey told the audience that, “One of my daughters shared with me a tweet … actually I’m on Twitter now, I have to be on Twitter.”

It took only four hours following the speech for Gizmodo journalist Ashley Feinberg to pin down FBI Director’s possible handle, reported the UK’s Telegraph.

Maybe the intelligence community should look into hiring the real-life Lizabeth Salander, Ms. Feinberg?



By Chris Knoll