CNN’s Tapper Humiliated by This Great Republican Response

Repeat after me CNN: “Trump was right. CNN is fake news!”

Once again a CNN anchor, this time Jake Tapper, tried to spin an event in order to make a story out of nothing, an attempt at political alchemy he immediately regretted.

On April 5, in an interview with Republican Senator Tom Cotton (Ark), Tapper tried to assign any possible damage to the character and traditions of the Senate to the GOP if the Republicans used the nuclear option to undo the Democrat filibustering of SCOTUS nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch.

Cotton wasn’t buying it for a second and quickly put Tapper back on track.

The Daily Caller, covering this story, reports that Cotton responded by saying, “For 214 years the Senate had never, not once, in a partisan filibuster defeated a nominee to the courts or the executive branch. That all changed in 2003 when Chuck Schumer persuaded Democrats to begin filibustering judges. Then that continued under the Obama era, and the Democrats used the so-called nuclear option in 2013.”


Cotton, turning Tapper’s point against him, apprised the CNN Spin Doctor that it was Republicans who were protecting traditions by restoring them.

“[T]here’s a world of difference,” said Cotton, “between Republicans using a tool that the Democrats first abused in 2013 to restore a 214 year old tradition that the Democrats first violated back in 2003.”

Nice try Tapper, but you just got owned by Cotton.