CNN Commits Federal Crime Just to Undo Trump

Liars. Dishonest. Horrible. Fake News. Disgusting.


These were some of the words President Trump used in describing CNN. To this must be added “criminal”.

Gone are the days of objective journalism. Everyone knows that, which is why alternative media is blowing up while the ratings and influence of the mainstream media continues to fizzle.

Being partial is one thing. Consciously working to violate the law and imperil the lives of Americans is criminal by definition.


On March 30 CNN Tech published an article entitled “5 must-have apps for undocumented immigrants” that are variously designed to help an illegal avoid being caught up in an Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) raid, inform them of the actions of Congress as it pertains to immigration, and how to get a job.

The fact that a news organization would publish such information shows how depraved and un-American these people are. Such public flouting of the law may be acceptable in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago and New York, but it doesn’t play well out in the majority of the country that voted for President Trump.

This criminal depravity needs to stop and Attorney Jeff Sessions has to start making these criminals submit to justice.

Do you agree that CNN has acted in a criminal manner?