Chicago Gets Some BAD NEWS From Trump After Becoming Sanctuary City

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently declared the Illinois city to be a “sanctuary city.” This has now come back to bite the city in a big way.

Donald Trump is NOT having any of this!

President Trump is now on track to sort Chicago out once and for all as he stamps his foot down on liberal leadership in the city. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has now lost $4.6 million worth of funding after he continued to vow that Chicago was a sanctuary city.

A sanctuary city harbors illegal immigrants and doesn’t report them to ICE whenever they get arrested, allowing them to go about as they please and create all types of violence and destruction. It has been estimated that there are 511,000 illegal immigrants in the state of Illinois currently, and a massive 35 percent of them are in Chicago alone, via Washington Feed.

Emanuel has long been known for his affiliation with the extreme left in regard to his politics, and he has stood by and watched as his city descended into mayhem.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions even warned Mayor Emanuel that the funding would be pulled if he did not change his position. As Emanuel was too stubborn, tens of thousands of people in Chicago are now going to suffer.

This is typical liberal selfishness: they care about their own agenda and nobody else. It was more important to Emanuel to have the “moral high ground” and protect criminals than it was to serve his citizens.

With the city turning into a war zone in its Southside, Emanuel has been doing nothing to create peace. He needs to be taken out of power immediately before he does even more damage to the Windy City.

Emanuel’s staff members are trying to sweep this controversy under the rug by saying that no funding was stopped. The mainstream media are also not going to report on this because it doesn’t fit into their precious narrative that sanctuary cities are morally and legally right.

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