Chelsea Clinton Bashes Trump — Immediately Gets BRUTAL Response

Twitter has become the tool of instant Karma and what better person to learn that the hard way than the privileged daughter of Democrat failure Hillary Clinton.

Following President Trump’s announcement of launching missiles at the nomadic wasteland of Syria, he mistakenly referred to the target as the other nomadic wasteland of Iraq and Chelsea Clinton thoughtlessly pounced on the faux pas.

The Truth Monitor reports that on April 12, Chelsea managed to string a coherent thought together and aired it out on Twitter:  “Disturbing that Trump remembers what he ate (chocolate cake) – but not where he sent missiles (Syria, not Iraq as he says until corrected).”

It did not take long for people to humiliate Chelsea and her criminal mother.

Some samples of replies read:

“How many times did your mom say ‘I don’t recall’ before Congress?” (by @JuliaGulia809)

@TYGRRRREXPRESS replied, [email protected] can’t remember what she did with 30000 emails, where she was for 13 hours during #Benghazi siege.”

Another one exclaimed, “Disturbing that your Mom remembered having a private server w/classified emails on it, but not that is was illegal to do so.” (by @OhSusieCue)

Either Chelsea is so ridiculously stupid or naïve as to believe in her parents innocence thus justifying throwing the first stone or she is incredibly immoral and a blind slave to partisan politics. Either way, Chelsea will undoubtedly think twice before tweeting similar garbage.