Case of Muslim Congressional Spies Heats Up

The Muslim Awan brothers who worked as IT experts for the Democrat party have already been charged with unlawfully accessing unauthorized computer servers and possibly blackmailing Congressmen.

The Daily Caller reports that the crimes of the Awan clan may have been more extensive and involved other acts of illegality.

The brothers and other family members, according to official documents, court records and multiple interviews suggest the crew may have engaged in tax fraud, extortion, bankruptcy fraud and insurance fraud and the money could have been funneled overseas. Abid has hired high-profile attorney James Bacon who specializes in anti-money laundering litigation.

“The Awans share modest homes, drive unremarkable cars and report little in the way of assets on congressional disclosures. The family owns significant amounts of Virginia rental properties, which are heavily financed, with second mortgages sometimes taken out. It’s unclear where the rental income goes because the Awans insist tenants pay in odd ways.”

For eight years (2009-2017) the brothers Imran, Abid and Jamal Awan netted $4 million in salary for jobs that some witnesses have said was essentially a no-show gig.

Democrats have kept mum about the Awans breaching of government computers and why they were allowed to remain on the books as full-time employees while they spent months out of the year in Pakistan.

There is reason to believe that since the Awans accrued so much money and yet display not outward signs of wealth, that they have funneled much of the assets to possible terrorist cells in Pakistan or throughout the world.

The investigation is ongoing, yet we see once again that the Democrats love canoodling with our enemies or, at the least, treating them with kid gloves.