BREAKING: Trump Reveals The Executive Orders He’s Signing DAY ONE In The White House

There’s only a few days left until Donald Trump officially becomes our president, and he already has big plans for the first thing he’ll do in office.

Right Wing News reported that Vice President-Elect Mike Pence revealed this week that one of Trump’s top priorities when he takes office will be signing executive orders related to repealing Obamacare. This was revealed by Politico correspondent Rachael Bade on her Twitter page:

“It’s important that we remind the American people of what they already know about Obamacare — that the promises that were made were all broken,” Pence told reporters, according to Politico. He went on to remind them that Democrats “own” any problems related to Obamacare.

This was referring to a Tweet Trump issued himself on Wednesday morning.

“Republicans must be careful in that the Dems own the failed ObamaCare disaster, with its poor coverage and massive premium increases……like the 116% hike in Arizona,” Trump tweeted. “Also, deductibles are so high that it is practically useless. Don’t let the Schumer clowns out of this web…massive increases of ObamaCare will take place this year and Dems are to blame for the mess. It will fall of its own weight – be careful!”

We’re glad to see that Trump is following through with his campaign promise to repeal Obamacare. SHARE this story if you want it GONE!