BREAKING: Republican Mega Star in Running to Be Trump’s Next Chief of Staff — You’ll Never Guess…

Mike Cernovich, an internet journalist who has broken several major stories in the last few weeks — including the Susan Rice story, took to Twitter with a major scoop yesterday that has many people sitting up and taking notice:

Mike Cernovich wrote:

Scoop – Newt Gingrich is top candidate to replace Reince Priebus as Trump’s Chief of Staff.

And it looks like there might actually be some evidence to support this accusation. First, it’s no secret that Trump has not been happy with the way things have been run in the White House, from the leaks to the inefficiency with which his agenda has been carried out.

Second, you might have noticed Gingrich being more vocal lately. He made headlines yesterday for his tirade against the press and his suggestions on how he would run things differently.

Whether there’s any real chance of this happening, several Twitter users seem to be optimistic about the prospects:

One Twitter user wrote:

@POTUS @newtgingrich would be an awesome chief of Staff – Reince is not serving you well – drip drip drip –

While another chimed in with:

@realDonaldTrump Please let it be true that you will make @newtgingrich Chief of Staff! You need him now! @KellyannePolls

What are your thoughts? Do you think Gingrich would make a better Chief of Staff than Priebus?