BREAKING: ‘Racist’ Hillary Clinton Footage Surfaces Weeks Before Election – This Could DESTROY Her

With just a few weeks to go before the presidential election, Hillary Clinton is desperately pandering to minority voters by trying to make her opponent Donald Trump look like a shameless racist. That’s why it came as bad news to her this week when a video leaked proving that SHE is the racist one.

According to Mad World News, the footage below is a montage of the many times Hillary Clinton has displayed racist behavior over the years. While some of the footage dates all the way back to 1993, some of it is as recently as last year.

One of the most damning parts of the video is a 2015 clip in which Clinton brags that as Senator, she spent taxpayer money to “build a barrier to try and prevent illegal immigrants from coming in.” This is EXACTLY what Trump is calling for us to do with his border wall, which Clinton has repeatedly slammed as “racist.”

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