Any time a murderous thug is picked up on the street, he’s read his rights. Any time a government employee is caught watching porn at the VA instead of taking care of patients, he’s put on a 30 day probation period so he can have his due process. Heck, most major cities declare themselves “sanctuary cities,” and harbor illegal aliens guilty of all sorts of crimes.

Yet, if you’re a hard working American with a lot of money in the bank, the IRS can come take it and they don’t even have to give you a reason why! This was the case, at least, in Obama’s IRS. And, yes… that’s the same IRS that targeted conservative groups with audits and denied them their tax exempt status.

This is from the Daily Caller:

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) officials seized an estimated $17.1 million from people wrongly thought to be involved in “criminal enterprises,” a government watchdog reported Tuesday.

The IRS seized the money “to disrupt and dismantle criminal enterprises,” but funds involved in 91 percent of the 278 investigations by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) were obtained legally, the report said.

“Most people impacted by the program did not appear to be criminal enterprises engaged in other alleged illegal activity,” a TIGTA statement said. “The report also concludes that the rights of some individuals and businesses were compromised in these investigations.”

“When property owners were interviewed after the seizure, agents did not always identify themselves properly, did not explain the purpose of the interviews, did not advise property owners of any rights they might have, and told property owners they had committed a crime at the conclusion of the interviews,” the statement continued.

So to recap… one day your a successful business owner with thousands of dollars in the bank account and the next the IRS has taken it all and not even given you a reason why!

You can bet that if the government had acted this way toward any Liberal special interest group, we wouldn’t have stopped hearing about it, yet, but since it’s just against hard working Americans who most likely vote Republican… there’s not a word of it on the mainstream media.

This is the totalitarianism we avoided when we kept Hillary out of the White House, please spread this around so that we don’t forget the lessons!

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