BREAKING: Major Congressman Threatening To BOYCOT Trump’s Inauguration – This Is TREASON!

Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez, who represents Illinois’s 4th congressional district, said on Friday said he’s planning to boycott Donald Trump’s inauguration because he can’t stomach Trump’s. This blatant sign of disrespect for our democracy and America as a whole should land this congressman in PRISON! That’s exactly where traitors belong.

Gutierrez said, “He started his campaign by saying that Mexicans were murderers, rapists, by criminalizing our community. When he said Mexicans, I mean in the parlance of American politics he meant Latinos, and criminalized us all.”

He continued slandering Trump with lies by saying:

“I’m not going to this inauguration,” the congressman continued. “I can’t go to this inauguration, because he continues to spew hatred, bigotry and prejudice even after he said he was going to bring us all together. He was going to unify us, but he’s not.”

Gutierrez, who gave a speech against Trump at the Democratic National Convention, said he and his wife will instead take part in the protests and marches against Trump in Washington next month. We say, lock him up before he can!

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