BREAKING: Hillary Makes MASSIVE Announcement Hours Before Debate – This Changes Everything

With just hours to go before the final presidential debate, this election has gotten uglier than ever.

According to Daily Mail, it was just revealed that the candidates’ family members will do away with convention and ditch the customary pre-fight greetings as reports came in that Donald Trump is planning to attack Bill Clinton’s “sexual transgressions.”

This comes after Trump unsuccessfully tried to have three women who have accused Bill of rape be seated in his family box. Had he been successful, the former president would have been forced to greet his accusers on live television in front of a national audience.

The Commission on Presidential Debates, which has been against Trump from the start, unfortunately shot this plan down. This means that Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, and Paula Jones will all have to watch the debate from the audience.

Trump is expected to go harder at Clinton than ever before tonight, with the New York Times reporting that the GOP presidential nominee’s team has armed him with “a sharp escalation in attacks on Clinton’s character and a focus on her health.”

The fact that Hillary won’t even let her husband shake hands with Melania shows just how afraid of Trump she really is going into this debate.

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