Breaking: FBI Unveils Truth About Trump Surveillance and it Will Destroy Leftist Lies.

According to RightJournalist, the FBI may have just cleared wrongly-impugned former general Michael Flynn and affirmed the innocence of the President and his administration as it relates to the charge of Russian collusion.

Writing that the Feds have completed a “month long investigation into the Trump/Russia connection”, RightJournalist says that “Americans routinely are incidentally intercepted when the FBI monitors foreign individuals like Russian embassy officials”, which is exactly what happened to Flynn and what real journalists have been saying for months.

trump victory

The report also says that intercepted texts between Flynn and a Russian ambassador contained nothing more explosive than holiday wishes, condolences in regards to tragedies and a reminder by Flynn that President Trump was not Obama when it came to diplomatic relations.

What WAS criminal was the public unveiling of Flynn’s name and it is an occurrence that must be countered with a criminal charge for whoever did such a thing.

It will be interesting to see how quickly this whole story goes away or is spun by the Left. Anyone hoping for a reprieve from the continuous onslaught from Democrats had best temper their expectations.

More nonsense is sure to follow.