Democrats have found themselves embroiled in yet another scandal this week after a whistleblower in Dallas County, Texas came forward to expose them in a major voter fraud case.

PJ Media reported that the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office has spent the last few months investigating voter fraud allegations. Last week, the DA’s office filed a notice of investigation of criminal conduct which reads in part, “The Dallas County Elections Department has in excess of 700 “Mail-In Ballots” that are directly linked to applications assisted by “Jose Rodriguez,” or are suspicious in nature.”

“It’s totally frustrating,” said Dr. Pat Stephens of West Dallas. “You know, we all feel violated.”

Stephens is one of 60 to 90 Dallas residents who investigators say have come forward over the past month, saying they received mail-in ballots which they did not request. She said she first became suspicious when a strange man came to her home, saying he worked for Dallas County and wanted to pick up the ballot.

“I got a knock on my door and the guy was saying that he was coming to pick up the mail-in ballots and I told him, ‘Well I didn’t order one,’” she tells reporters. “Our forefathers fought for us to have this privilege, and for somebody to come along at take it away from us.”

“There have been persistent rumors of voter fraud and messing around with mail-in ballots for years. But to the extent that I’ve been involved in Dallas County, this is off the charts,” Assistant District Attorney Andy Chatham said.

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