Brave New Book Tells of Political Incompetence Costing U.S. Soldier Lives

One of the blessings of our society is that most of us are far removed from the horrors and unbelievable savagery of war. It makes us, at times, comfortably aloof and we allow the media to ‘inform’ us with censored and cleansed news stories.

All of this, while regrettable, becomes blatantly dangerous when it exists amongst our nation’s leaders who order our men and women into combat and continue to oversee the execution of myopic strategies.

From 2008 to 2009 Army Captain Roger Hill guided his men through the Byzantine politically correct maze of political oversight under Obama. Hill recently spoke with Breitbart and offered a harrowing and sad tale of betrayal him and his unit faced while in Afghanistan.

“I feel like myself, my men have been discarded,” Hill told Breitbart. His reason for feeling so are multitudinous and defy belief, but are painfully real.

Hill speaks of the nascent policy of “catch and release” involving terrorist suspects. The Obama administration placed a 96 hour limit on how long suspects could be detained without charges being filed, “a time frame he called ‘insane’ – especially since the enemy is well aware of the rules and knows how to run out the clock.”

Then there are the stories of how our troops have gone physically unsupported in the field. Hill describes the action of ordering air strikes or artillery assistance as a “haggling” process caused by a lack of will on the part of politicians responsible for the war.

The Army officer also noted logistical and ‘tactical command failures’ that suspiciously cropped up when terrorists were apprehended by Hill’s men, but when the Captain took action to protect his troops, army command descended on him and placed Hill under investigation.

Most alarmingly, Hill tells of highly suspected jihadist spies working as interpreters for the military. The men on the ground have noted their concerns with the higher echelons of command, but have been largely ignored.

“The bottom line here is that we’ve got a set of politically driven rules of engagement that are getting our guys and girls overseas killed and hurt unnecessarily,” Hill angrily stated.

All of this and more has been reported in a new book entitled “Dog Company: A True Story of American Soldiers Abandoned by Their High Command” authored by Hill and Lynn Vincent and published by Center Street.

It is a must read!

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