BOOM! Medal of Honor Winner Drops Major Truth Bomb About Obama

Afghanistan Veteran and Medal of Honor Winner Dakota Meyer went on Fox and Friends to talk about the killing of 90 ISIS terrorists AND the difference in the military under Trump and Obama.

You’ll never see this covered in the mainstream media, but finally, thanks to Fox, military voices such as his are finally being heard!

In the video clip below, Meyer discusses how Trump is finally letting the military do its job! He points out how Obama let military members get captured by Iran with absolutely zero repercussions, but how that is definitely not the case under Trump.

He also goes on to reveal that he lost guys that he served with because people on the battlefield weren’t allowed to make decisions about how to best fight the enemy.

When asked if he thought that we should be celebrating the destruction of 90 ISIS fighters, he said that we absolutely should! When the military sees us supporting them and commending them for doing their jobs, it makes them want to do their jobs better — it’s just human nature!

The main takeaway from this, however, has to be the way difference in morale between Trump’s military and Obama’s. It had to be hell serving under a commander in chief who would rather see you get captured or shot than let you kill the enemy that is trying to destroy us.

Honestly, sometimes I don’t know how we survived the last 8 years, but thank God there’s a pro-American president in the White House now who is finally letting the military do what it does best… kill those who want to do us harm.

Go on over to the Fox News website to see the full interview.