You may not recognize Kris Paranto’s name, but you probably will his face. He’s one of the survivors of Obama and Hillary’s Benghazi disaster who bravely stepped forward to speak the truth and whose story was told in the book and movie, 13 Hours.

Well, now he’s stepping forward to address another crisis caused by the Obama administration, namely Susan Rice’s unmasking of General Flynn, and he has an urgent message for President Trump.

Appearing on Fox and Friends, Paronto BLASTED Rice for her huge character problem. From the Fox News website:

“She has no credibility,” Paronto said. “I don’t know how people continue to believe her.”

Paronto explained that it’s very suspect Rice seems to have changed her story, as she had previously claimed she knew “nothing” about the intelligence reports.

“Double-talk, half-truths, that’s still lies,” Paronto said. “Within the veterans’ community, within Rangers, SEALs, Marines, there’s no such thing as a half-truth. It’s a lie [or] it’s not a lie.”

He said this is a golden opportunity for President Trump to crack down and “make an example” of a corrupt government bureaucrat.

“President Trump’s been given an opportunity here to set a precedent and stop this.”


Hopefully by now Trump and the Republicans are smelling blood in the water. This is no time to be charitable or statesmanlike, or to “work with” the Democrats. Now is the time to drop the hammer and put a stop to this for good!

What do you think?

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