Bachmann Has Said What No One Else Dares and It Is a Truth That Will Sink Obama

Michele Bachmann, a former Minnesota congresswoman, and a past member of the House Select Committee, has blasted the Obama administration for spying on presidential candidate and then President-elect Trump and his staff as well as offering an interesting motive behind the fake Russian/Trump connection story.

In speaking with USA Radio host Rusty Humphries on April 3 about Susan Rice and Obama’s complicity in the scandal, Bachmann stated, “This is a thousand times worse than Watergate. This is the only thing the press should be talking about for the next month,” quotes Liberty Writers.

She also made a bold prediction that many have not made yet: people high up in the Obama administration will be going to jail because of how “bold, and how lawless the Obama administration was,” Joe For America quotes her as saying.

“This is against the law. What the Obama administration did is surveil Americans citizens for political purposes to hurt the Trump campaign politically,” Bachmann noted to host Humphries.

Bachmann has been the only strong voice advocating and predicting that Obama acolytes will face jail time. It is a belief that most Americans would probably see as the fulfillment of true justice.

Bachmann asserts, interestingly, that the entire fake Trump scandal was ginned up by Hillary Clinton and “other Democrats” to throw the public off the “scent of what the Obama administration was up to.”

That would mean it was a conspiracy, one much bigger than Watergate indeed.