Anti-Trump Liberals BLOCK Traffic – Then Get The WORST News Of Their Lives

Over the past few months, liberals have taken to blocking traffic on busy streets to protest against Donald Trump. However, one state just passed a bill that will have them thinking twice about taking to the streets with their ridiculous protests…

The Times Free Press reported that the Tennessee state senate just passed a bill that would make it illegal for protesters to deliberately block emergency vehicles during street demonstrations. Any protester that does this will immediately be hit with a $200 fine, should the bill become law.

The bill will now go to the desk of Governor Bill Haslam, who is likely to sign it.

The bill defines emergency vehicles as “any vehicle of a governmental department or public service corporation when responding to an emergency, any vehicle of a police or fire department, and any ambulance.”

This comes after an increasing number of reports started coming in from all over the country that ambulances were being blocked during anti-Trump liberal presentations. With the lives of Americans at stake, Tennessee lawmakers decided they needed to take action.

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