Alert! Obama Official Arrested for Spying for Chinese!

‘Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.’ The Biblical adage has been ignored by Democrats and the proof of this comes in a shocking development.

Freedom Daily reports that, according to the Department of Justice website, former Obama appointee to the U.S State Department, Candace Marine Clairborne, had been exchanging intelligence with Chinese officials in exchange for tens of thousands of dollars. USA Today writes that Clairborne joined the State Department in 1999 and was posted over the years in Iraq, China, Libya and Sudan.

With top secret security access, Clairborne “used her position and her access to sensitive diplomatic data” to sell the information, lied about her involvement and subsequently obstructed an investigation into her actions.

DOJ officials also reported that another, unidentified, relative profited from Clairborne’s activities in the form of $50,000 for tuition assistance.

The former Obama official was arrested on March 28 and entered a plea of not guilty the following day. If convicted of the charges she currently faces, she could spend 20 years in prison.

What is ironic about all this is that the more Democrats scream of foreign corruption the more they are the ones exposed as being up to their necks in treason. Maybe they should have held off throwing stones at Trump?obama-evil