Actor James Woods Risks Career to Stand Up for Trump — He Needs Our Help

In the Babylon that is Hollywood it’s almost impossible to find an actor with a moral compass — much less true conservative values, but we’re lucky to have one in James Woods!

Woods is a smart guy, a Trump supporter and someone who’s not afraid to speak his mind — even though it’s probably cost him countless jobs in his career.

After Trump launched the missile attack on Syria Thursday night, Woods took to Twitter to comment on the moment — and IT WAS AWESOME!

Woods wrote:

US launches missiles into Syria in response to chemical weapons attack /// Finally a President with some balls…

Yes indeed — it IS refreshing to have a leader back in the White House instead of a cowardly community organizer!

And since he was on a roll, he took a moment to skewer Susan Rice with this hilarious Tweet about her and Obama’s incompetence in Syria:

Another #SusanRice lie? Does this woman EVER tell the truth? Asking for a friend on the grand jury…

It’s not easy to take a stand in Hollywood where EVERYONE is a liberal Kool-Aid drinker and expressing your conservative religious beliefs. If you appreciate Mr Woods, let him know by giving this a LOVE and a SHARE on Facebook!