A Pro-Trump China Just Slapped Down North Korea

President Trump has often said that under his aegis the country would win all the time. What Trump has just pulled off is perhaps the greatest double win and act of impeccable statesmanship in some time.

As the world increasingly shirks and isolates the kleptocracy that is North Korea, a major world power has delivered a not so subtle blow to Kim Jong un.

CNBC reports that on the same day that Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Trump in Florida and was being joyfully entertained by the President’s grandchildren, Xi notified officials in his country to turn back all North Korean shipments of coal from now on.

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That was not the end of the good news however. In a surprise announcement, and an undoubted boon to a Trump revived coal industry, Xi also said he would buy his coal from the United States.

Winner winner, chicken dinner.

North Korea is an economically failed state where most of the population is starving, reportedly acting like goats and eating grass and plant roots. Besides marketing in horrible haircuts, the North Koreans main resource is coal. CNN reports that the Chinese ban could cost the Norks (North Koreans) just over $1 billion.

Trump’s skill in dealing will bring at least that much money into the U.S. on a yearly basis while simultaneously denying Kim his main source of foreign revenue.

With just that act alone, Trump has done more in less than a week than Obama ever did in eight years of dealing with the Norks. What a welcomed change!